Peru will legalize the utilization of medical marijuana

Peru will legalize the utilization of medical marijuana

Peru may soon join the directory of countries that allow the usage and production of cannabis for medical purposes. The country’s Congressional Committee on Nationwide Defense has authorized a bill that will legalize the medical cannabis of course approved by legislators, Peru becomes the following Latin Us country that supports medical marijuana, after Columbia, Chile, and Mexico.

The bill had been cannisbus oil proposed because of the elected President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, following the police raided a cannabis lab run by a group of moms a week ago. The ladies were growing cannabis and oil that is making treat their children’s medical conditions.

The move sparked an uproar that is public resulted in a push for legalizing marijuana. The proposed bill allows clients to utilize cannabis oil for remedy for a few health conditions, including cancer tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s infection, among others.

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About 65 % for the legalization is supported by the peruvians of medical cannabis, while just 13 percent approve the use that is recreational in accordance with A poll that is recent.